Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank You Joanna! - with Pictures!

I officially don't like the photo up-loader on here... and I hope to take some better pictures, but here's all my goodies & one of my cats checking it all out! :)

Thanks again Joanna! You rock! :)


  1. So glad you liked it all....you're cat is adorable...we love kitties - we have 4 - just got 2 new babies....but my hubby is resistant to tell people how many cats we have - lest they will consider us crazy cat people.... LOL -

  2. We live in twin cities & one only allows 3 cats or dogs per household & the other allows 4 & I always forget which is which. We just have the two & my snake. :)
    I have a friend who breaks the rules though, last I heard she had ten cats & one three-legged dog in her house! She's not too crazy, so you can tell your hubby to set his bar a little higher. ;) lol.