Monday, April 5, 2010

Thank You Joanna!

I got a box from AK today and... I love my gifts!
The tote bag is great, I love the color, summery look & the long handles that I can hang from my shoulder!
Inside were all sorts of goodies, I'll post pics soon, but I think the magnets are especially fun & the memo pad and bigger magnets will be awesome for helping us be a bit more organized! How'd you know I needed that?
The "create joy" sign is going to get hung up on the door or in my craft room that I'll hopefully get organized soon & actually use! >_<
Everything is fun, but the "I (heart with a smurf) nerds" pin brought a special smile to my face. ^_^ I do & I "heart" Smurfs too!
And Yay for tasty treats! A fruit tea sampler (I'll have to have my friend Calindy over for tea), Happy Easter jelly beans & orange candy lip gloss.
...and that's not all, also fun spring-y designer tissues & handcut moose papers, a little homage to AK? ;) So cool!
*virtual hugs* from IL! Happy Spring! :D


  1. So glad you like a wife of a nerd myslef...I saw that pin and loved it immediately. You lucked out too...I bought two of those bags a blue and a PINK -- which I learned you hate :) so blule for you.. Happy Spring....

  2. How FUN! I can't wait to see everything. Sound like some fun goodies :)

  3. Well, if I can get my computer to cooperate, I should be able to get pics up by tomorrow! :)

    Yeah, pink & red hair just don't get along so well & I have a baby girl now, so I get plenty of pink. The small amount in the card was totally tasteful though & not at all obnoxious, I had to look at it again after reading that & go, "oh, yeah, I guess there is pink!" ;)

    Thanks again!