Monday, June 21, 2010

Savannah is the best! Thank YOU!

Savannah- You spoil us! You even remembered my Kitties! Thank you so much. Elora will look great in her new hair things and hat. The rainbow of Kool-aid made me laugh. I also happen to love sweet tart suckers. Elora will have to share with Mama. I loved the garden themed blocks. It was a delight to open your box. This is my first swap and I loved it. Thanks for introducing them to me.


  1. I told you I was super excited to get your name. I had to do the garden kits because I felt like the package was just for Elora. :) The last swap someone else got me the kitty treats, and they had it opened before I could get to it. I've also had to buy a few bags since because they think they are the greatest.

  2. Such a cute, cute swap Savannah!!! Still envying those blocks!! I need to order some for me! :O)