Tuesday, June 8, 2010

thank you beth!!

after i returned home from being out of town, i was excited to see i had a package waiting for me! i love that! and i loved what i found inside!

a premade scrapbook:

what an awesome idea!! i like scrapbooking, but i'm not that good at it, and it's so time consuming & expensive, that i think this was such a great gift for me! all i need to do is print out my summer pics & glue them in, so easy!

another cute gift-summer bags for my babies. they loved them! perfect for them to take to the pool! (don't mind my son's nudity! he likes to play wolverine & that inclues being shirtless ;)

my baby girl sporting her hair flower!

and last but not least, way cute hair flowers! and hibiscus...my absolute fave!!

thank you so much beth!! you did an awesome job!! love it all!

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