Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winter Swap 2010!

I hope you all had a wondeful Thanksgiving; full of family and football, yummy food and laughter. Now it's time to start decorating for Winter! I love winter time; planning for the holidays makes me giddy as I think about the preparations. Christmas celebrations full of twinkling lights, hot chocolate, wrapped gifts, and more family gatherings. Let's celebrate by swapping our favorite Winter and Christmas things!
Anyone can participate by gathering together some fun seasonal and Winter holiday items: decorations, treats, paper crafts, accessories, you name it! The items should come to a value of about $15. They could be handmade or store bought, or a combination of the two. Though I always love handmade items, I don't want to discourage anyone who doesn't feel "crafty" from joining the swap. "The more, the merrier," I always say!
Here's how to participate:
Enroll in Swaperoos Group by paying the $5 membership fee (1 Year Membership). Most of this group started their membership last December, so would need to renew to stay active!
Go HERE for more information on joining our Swaperoos Group!
Email me (Make sure you spell my name right with "i" before "r"!)
Give me your postal address and tell me 5 things about yourself that you want your swap partner to know about you so she can customize their gift to your needs/family size/particular likes. MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE WHAT WINTER HOLIDAYS YOU CELEBRATE!
DEADLINE TO ENTER IS Monday, December 6.
I will pair you with your swap partner on Tuesday, December 7.
Create or buy your winter-time favorite items, package them up and send them to your swap partner by December 15. PLEASE HAVE YOUR PACKAGE POST MARKED ON OR BEFORE Wednesday, December 15.
Receive your new holiday items and enjoy!!
**I need your help in promoting this swap!! Grab the button or copy the banner, post about it on your blog and share pictures of your gift when you receive it! Please share with me any suggestions you may have along the way.**
Copy this code onto your blog!

Also leave a comment telling everyone you entered and tell us your favorite thing about winter time!


  1. I am so stinkin excited!!! I will post about it on my blog too!!!

  2. I'm not a big fan of winter, but I like Christmas & now I'll have my daughter's birthday (12/30) to celebrate, too!
    ...and swaps are always good! :)

  3. I posted it and love swaps. I love sledding and the white snow!