Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sneak Peek for Naomi & Thank you Missy!

Yes, I'm delinquent again & I still didn't get my package out today! >_< So sorry Naomi! It'll be on its way soon! In the meantime, here's your sneak peek!

And I get to thank Missy for a wonderful package! All sorts of goodies! I do have a mantle that I can hang the XOXO garland on & I'll probably put Amber's on her door, like you suggested, so it's up where the cats can't get it! ;)
Amber's already had a lot of fun playing with the plates & the little heart basket (it's kinda behind her garland in the pic) and... of course... the box!
I'm looking forward to using the stamps & card-making kit. I've already eaten a pack of Sixlets (Amber liked their crinkly packages, too, & wasn't happy that I took them all away!)
All sorts of fun goodies to make me & my house smell good & look good! ;)


  1. UPDATE: Naomi, I finally got your package in the mail! Hopefully the blizzard descending on us currently won't delay it any more!!

  2. No worries! I'm always a little late mailing things :-P So excited to get it! :-)