Monday, February 28, 2011

Springtime Favorites Swap

I feel like we just finished our V-Day swap and I'm ready for more!! I don't know about you but I am LOVing SWAPping!

Well, with the arrival of March, I am ready to start my Spring crafting and decorating. I love our button and banner from Melonie (thanks girl!) and am ready to sport the button... We've had a few people sign up since the last swap, so if you referred someone, or were referred by someone, let me know so I can send out the gifts!!
Here are the details for the Springtime Favorites Swap:
If you haven't already, enroll in Swaperoos Group by paying the $5 membership fee (1 Year Membership), go here for details or click on the Paypal option on the right. Once you become a member, you will be invited as an author on the swap blog to post your sneak peeks and thank yous! If you signed up last year starting with the Spring Swap, it is time to renew your membership.

Email me (Make sure you spell my name right with "i" before "r"!)
Give me your postal address and tell me 5 things about yourself that you want your swap partner to know about you so she can customize their gift to your needs/family size/particular likes.
(Even if you've already done this in previous swaps!)

DEADLINE TO ENTER IS Thursday March 10th.
I will pair you with your swap partner by Saturday, March 12.
Create or buy your favorite Spring items, (totaling about $15) package them up and send them to your swap partner by Saturday, March 26. PLEASE HAVE YOUR PACKAGE POST MARKED ON OR BEFORE Saturday, March 26
Receive your new Springtime items and enjoy!!
Remember to take pictures along the way-- I'd love everyone involved to post a sneak peek and a thank you- it's so fun for us to see what everyone got and the creative crafts made!
**I need your help in promoting this swap!! Grab the button or copy the banner, post about it on your blog and share pictures of your gift when you receive it!**
Copy this code onto your blog!
Also, comment & share with us your favorite thing about springtime!


  1. I love the fresh flowers blooming. The scent of roses. The green trees (I live somewhere where it's snowy white alllll winter).

    I love that spring means new beginnings, and a start over. I like spring cleaning, because it means garage and rummage sales - great deals!

  2. I love Spring because it means summer is coming :) And I love all the fun colors!!!

  3. I'm so excited for another swap!!!
    I'm most looking forward to Spring so that my boys will be able to go outside and play! We are ALL about to go crazy with them being cooped up inside!!!

  4. i'm so excited for the heat!!! i love az summers...bring on the triple digits! (:

    posted this on fb!

  5. WOW!! This is going to be a great swap- I've already had 14 sign up within hours of posting. You girls are awesome!! My favorite thing about springtime is the bright colors and singing birds!

  6. My favorite thing about springtime, is being outside. All 3 of my kids play ball, and that is our life during this time of year. I LOVE IT!!!

  7. I am SOOOOO bummed! I can't do the spring swap this time because we are moving at the end of March :-( So sad, I even had the cutest banner for spring too that I bought ages ago for the swap!
    I'll miss you, can't wait for the next one though :-)