Monday, February 14, 2011

Thanks Joanna!

Got this on Saturday afternoon, just in time for VDay.
Put the plates to use that night making cookies for my kiddos & letting them have their own plate then cleaning them and delivering cookies to neighbors {but made them return the plate, lol}!  So cute, I LOVE them! (:

And I'm obsessed with chapstick & chocolate so even though I should have given it to my 7 yr old daughter, I'm keeping it for myself, lol.  Thanks for all the goods, the frame is darling & the kids love the fun straws too!  Scrapbookin accessories are always FuN too!  Happy VDay all!


  1. Oh good !!!! Glad you liked it. My kids are always loving those plastic plates....they fight over which ones they get ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful V-day.

  2. Wooow wath for wunderful, lovly, sweet plastik plates.

    I love it!!!!

    greatings send you Conny