Monday, October 10, 2011

Spell Books from Malinda

Today we are spotlighting Malinda! The creator of these amazing spell books that have gotten so much attention during our Fall Swap!
1. Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Malinda. I've been married to my wonderful husband, Spencer for 7 years. We have 3 little boys, ages 5, 2 1/2 and 1. They keep me pretty busy! I love spending as much time with them as possible! We love to play games, watch movies, and read lots of books together as a family! But in my free time I love to scrapbook, make cards, and craft!
2. What are your favorite materials to craft with?
Wow! This could be a long list. I love making wood crafts! I've never been good with a can of spray paint, so I use a lot of acrylic paint! I also love using paper and vinyl. Living in a house full of boys, I love the chance to use colors and supplies that feel 'girly!' So I use things like glitter, ribbon, tulle, and sparkly embellishments as often as possible!
3. What keeps you motivated and inspired?
Mostly the Internet. I love looking at craft blogs. I don't feel like I'm a very creative person as far as coming up with original ideas! But I love to see an idea somewhere and then do something slightly different so that it feels more like 'me.'
4. What do you think is most rewarding about crafting?
Someone already said this, but I agree, the most rewarding thing is seeing the finished product. I love starting out with nothing and ending with something beautiful! It's also very rewarding to give my crafts as gifts and have the person receiving the gift love it!
What craft are you featuring today?
Today I'm featuring Halloween Spell Books. I saw a picture online awhile back where someone had turned some books into Harry Potter style books. I can't remember now where I even saw them at. It wasn't a tutorial, it was just a picture of the finished product. I thought they were so cute and it got me thinking how fun it would be to make some witches spell books for Halloween! This was my version.
I'm not a craft blogger, so I hadn't taken any pictures of the process of making them, and I have no idea where to start on making a tutorial. Teri, from Piccolina Designs asked me if I would give her some instructions. I gave her the basic instructions and from that she made a set of books for herself and was nice enough to create an awesome tutorial for them!
You can view Teri's full tutorial for the Spell Books Here!! She also includes a free printable so we can make our own (which we all think is totally awesome!)
Thanks Malinda for allowing us to get to know you better!! We loved your spell books and appreciate you help so we could figure out how to make them.


  1. Your tutorial was just what I needed to make them, thanks for the instructions. I had so much fun making my set and so want to make more. I may end up with an entire library :)

  2. Thank you! You did a wonderful tutorial! And I know just what you mean, they are so fun and easy to make! I've already been considering making them for other occassions! I might end up with a whole library too!

  3. It would be cute to make one with Santa's naughty and nice lists!! These are so cute I have had so many comments on them in my home!! Thanks again for making them for me :)