Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wooden Owl by Lyndsey F.

I sure loved this cute owl that Lyndsey gave to Malinda for the Fall Swap!
Thanks for sharing with us Lyndsey and Can't wait to get to know you better!

1. Tell us a little about yourself?
I am Lyndsey and I love creating. I am a mother to 2 crazy kids .. they take up most of my time. We are a very close little family and do just about everything together. I love it that way!! Can I just say how much I love swaps - we look forward to each one!!

2.What are your favorite materials to craft with?
Hands down- SPRAY PAINT!! I seriously try to spray paint everything.. it is addicting. It provides a new life to anything.. plus its easy to change if it doesn't turn out just right. I would seriously be happy with a diet coke in one hand and a can of spray paint in the other.

3.What keeps you motivated and inspired?
I LOVE pinterest- if you have yet to check it out you MUST!! I also have a long list of favorite bloggers that inspire me. I love to change things in my home - so blogging and crafting gives me a great outlet to do that!!

4. What do you think is most rewarding about crafting?

I love making something that has my personal stamp on it. I love walking around my home and seeing the things that I have contributed with my own hands. I think it awesome to create something different then what you could pick up on a shelf at a store. It doesn't hurt either when someone sees something you have made and loves it :)

I am showing you how I created the little wood owl. I feel kind of like a cheater because I did not actually do anything beside paint and decorate this owl.. but I hope you will like it anyways.

I picked him up unfinished at a local wood craft store..

So I am not great at tutorials .. mainly because I struggle with patience and get way ahead of myself before I realize I forgot to take pictures. So here are the pieces already painted..

I sanded all the pieces and applied glitter to the wings. I use modge podge to make the glitter stick - its the easiest way I have found that doesn't make a huge mess.

Again- horrible blogger time: I cut a small piece of scrap book paper and modge podge it on Mr. Owls tummy and for his little eye balls I cut some small vinyl circles. I used the glue gun to attach all the pieces Thats it!! Easy right? Maybe to0 easy!! Thanks for letting me show you anyways :)
Thanks Lyndsey!! Also, we've made some changes in who can participate in our swaps. A list of qualifications for the Winter Swap and sign up details will be posted soon!! --Kirsti

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  1. I love my owl, it's super cute! And I love the mod podge idea for glitter! I'm going to try that!