Friday, March 23, 2012

First Package!

Thanks Lyndsey for the awesome Spring package.  My son was out riding his bike when the mail truck came to deliver it so we opened it up right outside.  He was excited about the bubbles and I know he will love to color with his sister.  I love the tulip and spring sign!  Unfortunately the cute glass platter broke in the mail but it is a great idea and I will try to replicate it.  What a great gift idea too.  Thanks!


  1. I am so sad about the cake stand:( I am so sorry it broke !! The little plate was from target and candle stick I picked up at the dollar store. It was super easy to put together - let me know if you have any more questions!! I am so glad you liked everything :) thanks for posting this so soon!!!

  2. I love the tulip! How sad the cake stand broke, but it's super cute! I want to try making one!