Monday, October 26, 2009

How We Swap:

This blog was created for organizing our seasonal swapping. Anyone in the United States and Canada is welcome to join, and you can be involved in any of the swaps you'd like to participate in. We'll have a swap for different seasons, holidays and topics, or anytime we decide a little love is needed!

I love this! I have made so many new friends through this process and its amazing the new connections and long lost friendships found! All those who enter will give seasonal gifts to someone, and receive them from someone else. Because we are paired up to a different partner for giving and receiving, we end up all being linked together!
To join Swaperoos for a year, it costs $5-- this will allow you to be involved in AT LEAST 5 swaps, and hopefully more (less than $1 per swap). This fee covers time spent to plan and organize the swaps, and allows me to involve as many people as would like to join. Many who have joined in the past have craft blogs or boutiques, adoption blogs and websites to promote- send me a button for our sidebar and receive some extra advertising!
For each swap, a dollar amount will be given. The dollar amount is what you will spend on the gifts you give and you will end up receiving gifts of equal value (Never more than a $15 value). Items can be handmade or store bought and most likely a combination of the two. Usually we will ask you to send your "favorite" items, so be creative and send items you would love to receive yourself. Happy Swapping!

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