Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Hearts Swaperoo

Roses are red, hearts can be pink...
it's time for a swap, what do you think?
It's fun to send gifts for Valentine's Day
so all can remember to celebrate this way:
Eat lots of chocolate, decorate with red,
hand out valentines, share sweet thoughts from your head.
But most important, along with all of the above-
Share your happy heart with all those you LOVE!

Here's how to participate:
If you haven't already, enroll in Swaperoos Group by paying the $5 membership fee (1 Year Membership), go here for details or click on the Paypal option on the right.

Email me (Make sure you spell my name right with "i" before "r"!)
Give me your postal address and tell me 5 things about yourself that you want your swap partner to know about you so she can customize their gift to your needs/family size/particular likes.

We are doing a SPEED SWAP-- (One week for entries, one week for creating and collecting the items). DEADLINE TO ENTER IS Tuesday, January 26 at midnight CST.
I will pair you with your swap partner on Wednesday, January 27.
Create or buy your favorite Valentine's items, (totaling about $15) package them up and send them to your swap partner by February 2. PLEASE HAVE YOUR PACKAGE POST MARKED ON OR BEFORE Tuesday, February 2.
Receive your new Valentines items and enjoy!!
**I need your help in promoting this swap!! Grab the button or copy the banner, post about it on your blog and share pictures of your gift when you receive it! Please share with me any suggestions you may have along the way.**

Copy this code onto your blog!

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what makes your heart happy!


  1. How fun! I LOVE Valentine's Day! :)

  2. I have always loved Valentine's Day. When I was in 4th grade, I had a crush on a guy and I told everyone that he wrote "p.s. I love you" on my valentine. For years, he kept telling me, he didn't write that. I never told him that I was the one who wrote that on MY OWN valentine!! How embarrassing- the things we do for love! :)

  3. Valentine's Day is a special for me - it's my wedding anniversary. So I guess the best memory I have is my 1996 (gasp -I'm old) wedding to my best friend. And now - 14 years later - still pretty sure I like him a lot! It was kind of cheesy getting married on Valentine's Day - but we didn't care - everything good has a dorky or cheesy basis to it doesn't it? We were young, Brent was 18 and I was 21 - good think I look so much younger than I am :) And we've essentially grown up togehter - and when V day rolls around we are astounded at how far we've come!

  4. Last year on the 18th of February our social worker called us into his office and told us about a baby girl that was born on Valentines Day and we were to be the parents! Valentines day is my miracles birthday making it my favorite holiday!

  5. Our anniversary is on the 9th of February so Valentines kind of gets pushed out of the way at our house. (Hence the no decorations.) My favorite Valentines was when we were still dating. Josh drove all the way to town and caught me at work to give me a dozen red roses and one white rose. I felt so special! This year will be our 9th wedding anniversary.