Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Helping a friend in "Nie"

I dropped the basket of V-Day goodies off for Nie today.  I brought along my sister-in-law who is in Stephanie mother-in-law's neighborhood. 
Here's what happened:  When we pulled up, the MIL & Nie's sister Courtney were out front.  Upon seeing the basket & after explaining that it was from an online swap group from all over the country, it was obvious Courtney was very touched.  She sounded very sincere & said to tell you all, "Thank you very much, this really means a lot to our family."  Nie's little daughter Jane ran up to see the goodies & grabbed the doll saying how cute it was!  Adorable little thing. 
Well done, ladies.  I'm sure Stephanie appreciates the goodwill of strangers.  Her MIL said she is in a lot of pain & is staying put in her bedroom for now.  I know this basket brought some CHEER to a fellow woman in need. 

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  1. Sweet - glad it all got to you safe and sound...thanks Kelli.