Thursday, May 20, 2010

Partner Assignments are out!!

Alright! I've given out assignments and we are ready to get busy! Let me know right away if you didn't get a partner or if you've had that person before. (I thought I was careful, but I'm having trouble thinking today!) So just let me know if there are any problems. Can't wait to get crafting!
Have fun and remember to post sneak peeks whenever you want and get our gifts out by June 2nd!


  1. Are we doing it anonymously this time? Like for sneak peeks and such?

  2. No, but just remember the person who you are giving to is different than the person you are getting from. Anytime you do a post (like a sneak peek) it will say who wrote the post. If you want to contact your partner to ask any questions about their likes, you are always welcome to do that!