Monday, May 10, 2010

Summertime Swap!

I LOVE Summer! Playing in the sprinklers, wearing flip flops, getting a suntan, family vacations, barbecues and ice cream cones. Summertime rocks!
Let's celebrate summer with a summertime swap!
Here's how to participate:
If you haven't already, enroll in Swaperoos Group by paying the $5 membership fee (1 Year Membership), go here for details or click on the Paypal option on the right.

Email me (Make sure you spell my name right with "i" before "r"!)
Give me your postal address and tell me 5 things you love about summer or anything that you want your swap partner to know about you so she can customize their gift to your needs/family size/particular likes. Even if you have been a member from the very beginning, please do this so I can keep you all sorted out!

DEADLINE TO ENTER IS Tuesday, May 18 at midnight CST.
I will pair you with your swap partner on Wednesday, May 19.
Create or buy your favorite summer items, (totaling about $15) package them up and send them to your swap partner by June 2. This gives you 2 weeks to gather your gifts! PLEASE HAVE YOUR PACKAGE POST MARKED ON OR BEFORE Wednesday, June 2nd.
Receive your new summer goodies and enjoy!!
**I need your help in promoting this swap!! Grab the button or copy the banner, post about it on your blog and share pictures of your gift when you receive it! When you become a member of Swaperoos, you will have access to this blog to post sneak peaks and thank yous to your swap partner! Please share with me any suggestions you may have along the way.**

Copy this code onto your blog!

Leave a comment and let us know your favorite things about summertime!


  1. My summertime favorites are playing outside, reading a good book by the pool (doesn't happen unless I'm on vacation), eating fresh produce (miss that all winter long), and family trips where I get to spend more time with my husband! :D

  2. Just sent my info to you - can't wait!!!!

  3. Summertime is my favorite! I love swimming, warm weather, cookouts, & generally having more free time. I also love how most people seem more relaxed.
    I'm not sure I can participate in this one, I'll be out of town for a week. Any chance you'd consider extending the deadline?

  4. I just gave this blog an award.. I love it!! You can check it out on my blog!!!

  5. Yippee for summer and yippee for another swap! I love summer. We spend most of it fishing and camping, but we recently just bought some horses so we'll be adding riding to our summer activities this year. Yay!