Friday, June 4, 2010

Thank you Kirsti!

Somehow my camera died...and I need to charge new batteries, so I didn't get any pics.

Girl, you must have been in my shopping cart or something when I was at Target the other day.  I saw all of these things and thought "my boys would love that, we need some of these..." But in the end I put most of it back because I was on a mission: DIAPERS, cash only.  No time for fun stuff.  Luckily, your package arrived today and low and behold, all of my fun items I wanted but put back!  How did you know?  (Seriously, I am not even trying to butter it up at all.  I really wanted to get these things the other day, but then I heard my husband's voice in my head).  Thank you thank you!  I can't wait to use all of these things, and I especially love my little make-up (or anything I want) bag.  You totally know what I like!

Thanks again!

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  1. You are so welcome!! I am so on the diapers, cash only page, so Target is totally my wishful thinking, fun-zone. I'm so glad you like everything- you definitely deserve it!
    Happy Summer girlie!