Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thank you Meka!!

WE love everything! The boys have been snuggling with/throwing at each other the hedge hogs, which are so dang cute, by the way! and we have already made a batch of fun ice (Tyler calls it "candy ice"!) and how did you know our beach ball popped last week and it's on our dollar store list?! That b-day card is TOO cute! I love that I get to use it.
I LOVE all my fun hair items (I've so been in a hair-up, no need to take the time to straighten, mood, so they are perfect for dressing me up on the lazy days!!)
And what darling little bag with flower and shoes with flowers-- they fit!!
Thank you so much for all my fun gifts and goodies!
How cute are these flowers? Meka is super talented!

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