Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank you JennyLyn for the "awesomest" package ever!!! 

Modge Podged plastic Easter eggs!  I’m gonna have to make some more of these.  I LOVE them!!
And the carrots are my favorite!  I have been wanting to get some more Easter decor this year and this fit the bill perfectly!!  So talented!!!
Love, LOVE these rose magnets made out of paper.  I have “seen” them online and now I have one so I can actually try to make one myself!  Thanks so much!!
 Fabric covered decor balls!!  I put some of these in a hurricane that had some Easter grass in it. 
 And the Sour Patch Jelly Beans!  Well let me tell ya, my kids love getting swaps for me because there is usually something that they “steal” from me!  This time it was the jelly beans!!

Thanks again JennyLyn!  It was PERFECT!!!

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