Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spray-Paint Pillows

**I am so excited to announce that in between our swaps, we will be featuring some of our Swap members- so we can get to know them and see what motivates and inspires them to create!!**

When I saw these pillows, I knew we needed to know how to make them!
Thank you Jessica for being willing to show us how and for this great tutorial!

1. Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Jessica. I have been married to my best friend and husband Matt, for four years. We recently bought a new house and have being doing odds and ends to make it our own. I grew up watching my mom being crafty, so as I have gotten older, I have found my own creativity.

2. What are your favorite materials to craft with?
I love to craft with mainly, wood, fabric and spraypaint. I also love Martha Stewart glitter. Martha is amazing…

3. What keeps you motivated and inspired?
I have my ups and downs. I find that I am more creative around major holidays. I love to look through Google Images to see if I can find something to inspire me. I also go to stores and form projects in my head. Mostly, I am inspired by other blogs. I can spend hours looking at other people’s blogs.

4. What do you think is most rewarding about crafting?
I love to see the finished product. I also love to display my stuff and have other people find enjoyment out of my creations. But the thing that is most rewarding for me is when other people like my stuff and recreate it in their own way.

Now onto the tutorial!!
For the Fall Swap, I made a spray-paint pillow. The image on the pillow was a crow. For this post I will show you how to make my Trick or Treat pillows. The concept is the same as using just regular old spray-paint.

First, cut out a pattern. With my Cricut I cut out a stencil. The letters are discarded and I use the cut out left behind. (Kirsti's note: Jessica has the letter stencils available in her etsy store here!) For the material of the pillows, I decided to use painters drop-cloth. I found this at Walmart for $10. Out of the drop cloth, cut six 15"x15" squares.
Next, spray the back of the pattern with adhesive, and center it on the square. Press the stencil down and make sure it sticks. Tape the edges that are showing so the spray does not get everywhere. After you have everything in its place, SPRAY!! Carefully take the pattern off and let dry. Sew the back of the pillow on and leave a hole to insert the stuffing.Finally, stuff the pillow and sew the hole up...

Now you got yourself some cute Halloween Pillows!

I also made these:

So cute and fun!!! Thanks so much Jessica!!


  1. Wow, Jessica, all of the pillows are AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I never would have guessed they were that easy to make. I think I could {maybe} even handle those! So excited to try!

  2. Those are really cute. I love that you uses a drop cloth for your material. I may have to try these out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are so cute!! They are so versatile - you could make one for just about every holiday!!!