Monday, October 3, 2011

Thank you Lindsey K!

I got my package today & I love everything! Amber swiped her little book right up & signed "book" & "read" to me! She then identified all the animals & the strawberries in the book! :D Also, it's pretty cool that it's "Ellie's Tea Party," 'cause one of my favorite cousins is named Ellie! She lives in Seattle now & I miss her!

I'm sorry I can't post my pics yet... my little memory stick adapter has grown legs & disappeared! >_< I'll post as soon as I can!

In lieu of pics... my wonderful package includes: Little Suzy's Zoo book, plate that says "Let's eat y'all!" (a nod to her Texas home!)with a turkey, 2 little jack-o-lanterns bowls, recipe cards with her recipe for southern style sweet potatoes, a felt candy corn bag (with a cute lil' smile), Halloween chipboard stickers & alphabet stickers, 6 fall-themed ribbons, 2 green & purple fabric flower accents & the alphabet stamps I am SO excited about! ^_^

[EDIT] Found my memory stick adapter when I looked under the couch (for the 4th time!) from a different angle!

Everything, with Amber swiping her book!

Amber trying to sign "book" while holding the book.

Amber signing "read."

A closer view of everything except the book. :D

She was lifting the plate & bowls & saying "Num! Num!"

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